Saturday, March 29, 2014

My 10 Favorite Apps

I went for years without converting over to my smart phone.  I held out as long as I could, but finally gave in 3 years ago.  Every year I go through and revisit my expenses and consider giving up my phone for a regular one.  A week ago I walked into the AT&T store to do just that and they cut my bill by $40 a month and I got unlimited calls and texting.  I didn't think the minutes would ever be an issue, but I found out recently that my Dad is a chatterbox and my minutes were running out.

Well, I am glad I got the savings I wanted and I got to keep my phone addiction in tact.  Why do I love my phone so much?  I can access anything I want from it.  It is remarkable.  I think back to before cell phones.  Really, we drove around without being in constant contact.

Anyway, I have a bunch of apps on my phone that help me and I am going to share my favorites and most used with you:

1.  Waze Social GPS -  Not only are the graphics cute, you have other users updating on traffic status. It tells you where there are red light cameras, accidents, other "Wazers" in the area.  I recommend that you have a passenger do the updating for you.  It will ask you if you are a passenger, if you are moving.  The free version is great.

2.  Facebook - It's nice to take a break at work and check up on my friends. You all know about Facebook.

3.  Groupon - This is an awesome App and dangerous if you are a shopaholic with insomnia.  You can shop right from bed.  I have gotten some great deals at 2 and 3 am.

4.  Natursound - There are a wide variety of white noise or nature sound apps.  These help me sleep.  I keep my phone plugged in through the night.  it helps when I am traveling for work.  My favorite sounds are the Ocean or Rain.  I have to say that  before I started meditating on my patio in the mornings, I would get up and rush to get ready and go to work without looking outside.  I would be dressed for rain and it was a clear day.

5.  iTrackbites - This is an app that I actually paid for.  It tracks food with a similar point system to weight watchers, but without the monthly fee.  The app is 3.99 and worth every penny.

6. Restaurant App - this is associated with iTrackbites and it gives nutritional information on virtually every fast food  or other restaurant.  It will track your eating with the iTrackbites app.  It is cute and easy to use.  My favorite food track of all that I have tried.

7.  Audible - I love listening to Audio books on road trips, on my commute, or just doing work around the house.

8.  Jesus Calling - This is my daily devotional and I share it on my facebook account everyday.  It is the first thing I read everyday.  I think it is around $10.  I was given a leather bound copy of this book for Christmas in 2011 and it speaks to my heart.

9.  Pretty Fit - This is a new app, but I absolutely love it.  You get video workouts on your phone.  The problem is I have NO excuse anymore not to exercise.

10.  Blogger - I can post on the fly...Weeeeee

What are your favorite Apps?

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