My Pets

What would I change about my pet?

I Adopted Boots and his brother, Whiskers, January 1, 2006.  They were a special couple of cats, 4 years old at the time and had been abandoned and in foster care for a long time.  They were scared of anyone new, so they did not show well.  I am a sucker for a hard luck case every time.  I knew that  they were meant to be with me.

The day I got them home they both found their way up inside my washing machine.  It took hours for me to find them.  The next day I got very sick and was home in bed for 4 days.  We bonded very quickly and were all fast friends.  The bed became their safe zone.

Nancy Colby took three or four separate pictures of Boots and Whiskers and created this wonderful picture of the two sweetest cats you could ever meet.

I loved the picture before, but I love it even more now.  A year after adopting these boys, Whiskers was diagnosed with Diabetes and Boots with Hyperthyroidism.  They both got very sick and lost 9 lbs in a month.  I treated Boots with an Iodine radiation treatment that cured him.  Poor Whiskers spent from 2007 until September 2011 getting shots, and had kidney disease and heart trouble.  The hardest thing for a mom to know is when to say good-bye.  Sometimes they do that for you.  That horrible night in September I sat with Whiskers and held him, and talked to him while he went to sleep for the last time.  

Poor Boots when I came home cried and looked for his brother for days.  I still call for Whiskers sometimes, but Boots and I are happy together.  I found out year ago that Boots has stage 3 kidney disease and a kidney stone.  I have the best Vet in the world.  The Cats Meow in Fort Worth Texas.  They explained that surgery was most likely going to make things worse and we can just try an manage his pain and make sure he gets lots of wet food rather than dry.

That is what I would change.  I wish that Boots didn't have to live with this illness.  I wish Whiskers hadn't lived feeling sick most of his life.

I feel blessed today that they have/had me to care for them.  I did everything I could to make them as happy an healthy as possible.  I have cat toys every where, we have our routine.  they have given me more joy and love in my life than I can express.

Thank you Boots and Whiskers for showing me what unconditional love is.

I miss you Whiskers!

I would like to introduce you to my baby boy, Boots.  Nicknames consist of Booty, Bootyboy, Booger, and Rooty Tooty Fresh and Booty.  This boy LOVES looking at himself in the mirror.  I always wonder what he is thinking when he is gazing into the mirror:
  1. Look at you you handsome thing!
  2. Hey, how did you get in here?  Stop imitating me!
  3. It sure is nice to have someone to hang out with while mama goes to work.

What do you think he is saying?
 The lady who watches him while I travel got all these pictures.  He always moves and walks away when I get my phone or camera.  What a comforting feeling to know that he feels safe with her.

This was the first one she sent to me.  He is so cute I can't even stand it!!

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