Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Love Audio Books!!

I love audio books, mainly because I can work around the house or on long road trips I can get in entire books.  I am a bit dyslexic so I read slow, this makes it much easier.  However, I will say that I prefer when the author narrates.  There is nothing worse than a monotone narrator, or that woman that is narrating and trying to do a mans voice when a man speaks.  Ugh...

My favorites are the ones that have helped me grow spiritually or emotionally.  I have done the self help stuff all my life, trying to fix that thing inside that was broken.  Honestly, until I was ready to let go of how I was doing things and DO things differently, nothing was going to work, and it didn't.  That is for another blog post.

My Favorite audio books are:

  1. Eat, Pray, Love narrated by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author.  What a journey! I have listened to this book over and over.  I listened to this book when I was finally opening up to letting God take control of my life.    
  2. The Power of Vulnerability, by Brene Brown - Recorded Live:  This is a very powerful book that gets to the core of my issues.  I was able to move forward after listening to her insights and facts.  If you are one who wants facts and figures, this is for you.  Brene is a statistics, fact and numbers based person.  She appeals to my logical brain as well as my heart. 
These are my favorites and definitely must reads if you are actively on a spiritual journey.

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