Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Ways I Get Closer to God

Since I have made these things part of my daily life I have noticed problems are easier to face, forgiveness comes more quickly, I sleep more soundly, I love more deeply and I am starting to trust more freely.  Trust is a difficult thing for me, so any progress in that area is a miracle.

I have two places in my home where I just feel more open to hearing God.  I don't mean an audible voice. I mean my defenses are down, my mind is open and my brain becomes more still.  The noise in my head quiets enough where I can obtain thoughts that are clearly direction from God.  Kind of a tug in a certain direction.  I have learned over time not to ignore those tugs.

1. Coffee with God:  I get up each morning and grab my coffee, my journal and I sit on my balcony. I love sitting outside sipping coffee and being quiet and still.  It's one form of meditation I do.  Even if I am late for work I take this time.

2. Journal:  I started out just journaling what ever was on my mind.  Kind of a data dump of sorts.  It has developed into a conversation with God.  I thank Him for everything and everyone he has put in my life. I ask Him to walk me through my day.  I pray for all my friends and family and anything else he has put on my heart.  My day isn't always awesome, but it IS always easier.  If I skip this in the morning I tend to be a bit of a grouch.

3. Random Acts of kindness:  Paying for the person behind me at Starbucks in the morning, paying someone a compliment, opening the door for someone, or just making someone laugh.

4. Hanging out with my cat:  I swear I have him so that can God can show me what unconditional love looks like.

5.  Meditating before bed surrounded by gifts of love that my friends and family have given me.  I play ocean sounds and ask god to calm my mind as I send love and light out into the universe.

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